Prepare a traditional format income statement

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Waley Corporation, a merchandising company reported sales of 7,400 unite for May at a selling price of $677 per unit. The cost of goods sold ( all variable) was $441 per unit and the variable selling expense was $54 per unit. The total fixed selling expense was $155,600. The variable administrative expense was $24 per unit and the total fixed administrative expense was $370,400.


a. Prepare a contribution format income statement for May.

b. Prepare a traditional format income statement for May.

Reference no: EM13792324

Prepare the journal entry to record the call of the bonds

Three years ago American Insulation Corporation issued 10 percent, $920,000, 9-year bonds for $830,000. Debt issue costs were $3,000. American Insulation exercised its call pr

Operating lease or as finance lease

Company A entered into a five-year lease on January 1, Year 1 with Company B for customized planes. Company B will provide a customized plane for Company A with specialized de

What will be the tax effect of the redemption to calvin

Calvin owns 40% of the outstanding shares of Copernicus Corp., which has accumulated earnings and profits of $100,000 as of December 31, Year 1. Copernicus distributes cash of

Prepare the appropriate journal entries to record the loan

On January 1, 20X5, Juan Silvia borrowed $500,000 to purchase a new office building. The loan is to be repaid in 2 equal annual payments, beginning December 31, 20X5. The annu

Direct costing and in favour of full costing

Which of the following is an argument against the sued of direct (variable) costing and in favour of full (absorption) costing? The manager of a profit center should not be re

Strand company uses the perpetual inventory method

Strand Company uses the perpetual inventory method. The company purchased an item of inventory for $80 and sold the item to a customer for $120. What effect will the sale have

Treasury shares were accounted for using the cost method

As of December 31, 20x4, Trask had 4,000,000 authorized shares of $5 par value common stock – 1,575,000 shares had been issued, of this 75,000 were held in the treasury. The t

Prepare a statement of cash flows-direct method

Paloma Horse Farm, Inc., began 2012 with cash of $100,000. During the year, Paloma earned service revenue of $594,000 and collected $580,000 from customers. Expenses for the y


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