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For SLP 2, you will analyze how the following stakeholders are involved in the Manage Your Cloud (MYC) integration project. This exercise was extracted from Schwalbe (2014) textbook, but it was copied below for convenience. There is no need to look for the textbook as the assignment and questions are given here.

Don Stevenson, the project manager

Mike Cunningham, the project sponsor

Chuck Wilkinson, data center manager

Herber Wout, IT department manager

Debbie Ross, Marketing and Sales manager

Stew Wilson and Bonnie Brae, programmer/analysts in the IT department

Linda Man, Testing manager

Patrick Lorimer, a network specialist in IT

Nancy Rae, a business analyst in IT

Virginia Gonzalez, the sponsor and VP of human resources

Bea Sullivan, a human resources specialist

Cassandra Rodney, a finance specialist

Vicky Benson-Bay, technical writer

Supplier A, who was hired to handle training on the new system and manage an incentives program

20,000 full-time employees and 5,000 part-time employees, all of whom are potential users of the new system

Prepare a Stakeholder Classification and Impact Matrix and the Stakeholder Engagement Matrix using the preceding information. The matrices are both included in the Stakeholder Classification Matrix form. Make up other information as needed to complete the matrices.

Create a Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Management Strategy for the project, focusing on members who are not on the project team, such as Debbie, Cassandra, and the lead person from Supplier A, and a vocal member of a user group testing the new system reporting to Linda. Be creative in developing potential management strategies.

Prepare an Issue Log for the project. Include issues such as Virginia and Vicky leaving the company, and difficult and vocal members of the user group who makes waves leading to unproductive meetings. Chuck seems busy working on data center satellite facility. Make up three additional potential issues.

Reference no: EM132184364

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