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Capstone Project

We provided the code for mobile applications which is implemented by android studio. So for this we need the document for which we provided the sample one.

Group Project Title -

Table of Contents



Glossary and Abbreviations

1. Introduction

2. Project Detailed Design

2.1 Summary of Literature Review

2.2 Objectives of the Project

2.3 Detailed Design

3 Project Implementation and Evaluation

3.1 Implementations

3.2 Testing

3.3 Results of the Project

3.4 Discussions/Analysis

4 Conclusions


5 Appendices

Appendix I: Simulation Source Codes

Appendix II: Detailed proof of theory

Appendix III:  Very Long Tables of data

Abstract -

The abstract should not be more than 250 words. Describe your project, focusing on research questions and research methodology for next stage of the project.

Glossary and Abbreviations

1. Introduction -              

The introduction should describe what the project is about and what the reader should know about your project before reading the rest of the report. The introduction section should also tell the reader what to expect in the report. It should say what each section of the report will contain. For example you may say something like:

In section 1 preliminary review of the topic is undertaken. Section 2 contains the literature review and state of the art as it is today. Second 3 is the design while section 4 provides simulation and discussions. Section 5 is summary. Finally references are given in Section 6. These statements help a reader to zero in to sections of your report that might be of interest to him.

2. Project Detailed Design

Write all your literature review summary in this section and have in-text references as well. If you have undertaken any prior literature review in MN691 on the same topic as in MN692, you may use the review here as well.

3. Project Implementation and Evaluation

If your project requires simulations, describe how the simulations were done, which software was used, what the inputs to the simulations are and the results you got from the simulations. This section may contain tables, graphs etc.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Verified Expert

I have prepared a document with 6000 words. I have covered all topics as specified in the template. The detailed project report contains 4 sections and each section contains sub sections.I have highlighted all the sections with the unique number provided by the template. The solution contains introduction, literature review, detailed design, implementations, result analysis,conclusion and references.

Reference no: EM131380071

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2/6/2017 5:53:50 AM

I simply need to thank you for making an extraordinary work with regards to on this paper. You hit upon what I requested and made it stream coherently. I have utilized other written work services as a part of the past and the outcomes were continually frustrating. I am so occupied with different classes that when this task came up I resembled, "No chance!" I want to compose, yet I would have needed to pull a dusk 'til dawn affair on this one and that was a lot for me at this moment. Much obliged to you.


2/6/2017 5:53:49 AM

Actually the appendix III , should be provided by me. it contains the database. but i dont have any idea regarding the appendix III. so please provide me the sample of the same, so that i can include it. please provide me the complete solution with appendix III.


2/2/2017 12:25:37 AM

Total 6000 Words. We provided the code for mobile applications which is implemented by android studio. When we open the app login screen appears (dummy) when we entering into it scan the book option will appear by clicking on it camera will open and when you put a bar code it accepts and gives book has been checked out. So for this we need the document for which we provided the sample one. We got a code for mobile application I need a document for that.

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