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You have been provided with a brief from your client who is looking to establish a new business venture in south-east Queensland. You will be required to prepare a social media marketing plan for this new business. You CANNOT choose another business - you MUST prepare a marketing plan for the client you have been provided. Be creative but also realistic in developing your marketing plan. Your maximum budget is $50,000. The intention is to create a marketing plan that the client could actually implement! STRUCTURE Your marketing plan will be underpinned by sound research and demonstrate thoughtfulness, understanding of marketing issues and have an implementation plan to show how the organisation should proceed. Your report will include the following:

• Executive summary (700 words)

• A description of the organisation, and the product or service (200 words)

• A market analysis, including direct and indirect competitors (200 words)

• A PESTLE (political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and ecological) analysis (200 words)

• A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis (200 words)

• A comprehensive consumer behavior analysis, including identification of the type of consumer and target market for the product or service (200 words)

• Marketing Mix that highlights the use of social media (1700 words)

o Product Description o pricing strategy; o distribution (place) options; o Promotion Strategy using social media, including: Platforms Links to brand, identification of imagery Tone and Voice of social media Implementation Strategy - executable elements, timing Testing and evaluation regime Key Performance Indicators/Milestones for each platform element (eg 1000 facebook likes; 300 re-tweets)

• Budget (100 words) Brisbane Brewing Company The Brisbane Brewing Company is a boutique brewery about to open in Brisbane, Queensland. The company is building a state of the art distilling plant in Brisbane's northside with the aim of producing uniquely different brewed drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for distribution through a range of retail outlets and licensed establishments. Initially, the company is looking to start distribution in Brisbane and south-east Queensland. They plan to further distribute their products in the future throughout Queensland and Australia. The company is aiming their product range at the following:

• Non-alcoholic (15-35 year olds)

• Alcoholic (18-25 year olds) The company is needing a marketing strategy developed to launch the release of the new brand and the product range on offer. Your task is to determine the product range that you are going to focus on - alcoholic or non-alcoholic - as well as the flavours you will offer to the market. You have been allocated a $50,000 budget for implementation of the marketing plan.

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