Prepare a schedule showing the annual depreciation

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On January 4 2013 Illinois company purchased new equipment for $550,000 that had a useful life of four years and salvage value of $50000. Prepare a schedule showing the annual depreciation and end of year accumulated depreciation for the first three years of the assets life under the straight line method, the sum of the years digits method and the double declining balance method.

Reference no: EM131039079

Simple annual interest and the remainder

She borrowed the maximum amount she could at 3.5% simple annual interest and the remainder at 7% simple annual interest. At the end of the first year, she owed $259 in inter

Find the profit or loss made by him and express

Mike buys some electronic goods from a wholesaler for $650 and spends $100 on its transportation's, etc. If he sells these electronic goods for $900; find the profit or loss

Find an ordered pair that is a solution

Use the indicated value for the given equation to find an ordered pair that is a solution 3x+y=27. Let x=7 the solution of the equation is 3x+y+27 is. Type an ordered pair.

Select a card randomly from the stack

There is a stack of10cards, each given a different number from1to 10. Suppose we select a card randomly from the stack, replace it, and then randomly select another card. Wh

Fraction insimplest form

A spinner has5equally sized sections,3of which are gray and2of which are blue. The spinner is spun twice. What is theprobabilitythat the first spin lands on gray and the sec

Traditional native americans

In a group of 48 people, 1/3 claimed to be Christians, 3/16 were followers of Islam, 1/16 were Buddhists, 1/16 were Hindu, 1/48 were Sikh, 1/12 were traditional Native Ameri

Question regarding the white rabbit

A magician has a hat that holds two rabbits. One rabbit is black and the other is white. In his last 16 performances he has randomly pulled the black rabbit from the hat 16

Coordinates of two points

For each of the following sets, give the coordinates of two points where Pand Qare in the set, but the line from Pto Qgoes outside the set. For example, if the points are (1


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