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Question 1:

Care Ethics:-

You may have noticed an absence of female voices in their research on ethics. Care ethics, often referred to as feminist ethics, is both appealing and controversial to men and women in the 21st century. prepare a three-page research paper on feminist/care ethics and do the following:

• Define feminist/care ethics.
• Provide a brief history on the subject.
• Discuss stereotypes of male and female ethical behaviors.
• Discuss benefits and criticisms of care ethics.
• Provide examples to illustrate the key points.
• Write a conclusion providing your opinion on the subject.

Submission Requirements:
• Write the paper in APA format including introduction, body, and conclusion.

• Add the following sections in APA format:
o Cover Page
o Header
o Page Numbers
o References Page

• Use 12-point Arial font and double space.

Attachment:- In the history of ethics.rar

Reference no: EM131146177

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