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Strategic Decision Making

Report requirements

The report need should focus on key strengths and areas for improvement. The report should clearly identify a strength or area for improvement, refer to evidence that supports that classification, discuss ideas from the literature that are relevant, and draw conclusions about how the strength could be better used or the area for improvement addressed. For example, a participant may conclude that they usually consider a number of stakeholder claims in their decision making practices but avoid conflict. Developing this illustration, the participant on reflection may conclude that their awareness of stakeholder claims could be extended to consider how stakeholder interests might support decision implementation. Further, the participant may conclude to be more selective in terms of assessing conflict, in particular discerning between good and bad conflict in decision making.

Four criteria will be used to assess the report. First, knowledge of ideas. Second, application of those ideas to the decision making practice of the participant. Third, interpretation of the participant's decision making practice that draws clear implications, conclusions and recommendations. Fourth, a degree of critical evaluation that identifies limitations of the approach.

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Reference no: EM1395592

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