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Tata Motor Company

Individual Report: Analysis of Financial Statements

You must prepare a report analysing the financial statements of a chosen company. Your financial analysis should focus on the profitability, turnover and financial position of the organisation with inputs from academic literature to support your evaluation.

Your report must be structured as follows:

Introduction - providing in brief the back ground of the organisation and its business.

Analysis - that includes calculation of ratios classified as profitability, turnover and financial ratios. Ratio calculations should be supported by explanation of the interrelationship between ratios in their respective category and their effect on the organisation. Your analysis should be supported by academic literature.

Conclusion - that summarises the overall financial health of the chosen organisation classified under the headings mentioned above.

Reference list - that includes information of all the books, journals and articles referred on accounting and financial ratios.

General Instructions

1. The written report should have a maximum of 1500 words, excluding the title page and references. A difference of 10% from the prescribed word count is acceptable. Assignments not adhering to word count regulations will not be accepted.

2. Use the prescribed format: font - Arial or Calibri, size 12 and 1.5 spacing; margins left: 1.25; top, bottom and right: 1.0.

3. You are required to use a number of academic references (minimum of 6).

4. Harvard referencing must be used. Inaccurate referencing will be penalized.

5. The written report should be submitted by Moodie on Wednesday 3'd May 2017 (week 10). Late submissions will not be accepted (see assignment submission regulations in student hand book).

6. The financial statement must be current - not older than 3 years.

7. Students may use magazines, newspapers and company websites to download financial statements.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

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In this report, the overall measurement of financial performance of the company Tata Motors has been encapsulated for the financial year 2014-15 in order to compensate the valuable information gathered in this respective financial year. Here the calculation of ratios has been adhered so as to judge the overall financial performance.

Reference no: EM131478901

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