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Prepare a Report on your analysis of the given case study in approximately 1000 words based on the casestudy questions.

Your analysis will need to include the concepts outlined in the questions above.

Analysis should be based on the questions in the case study and should be appropriately answered, logically and clearly linked to the relevant theories.

The report should be in proper report format as shown in the sample report format.

The Report should be the outcome of the group effort, analysis and findings.

Case study analysis should cover:

A well written Reportcovering the case study:

• Cover Page

• Executive summary

• Table of contents

• Situation analysis and case introduction

• Problem identification,

• Analysis /evaluation-Support your arguments with relevant theories

• Recommendations -Possible solutions to the case questions

• Conclusion

• Please do not answer in a Question and Answer Format. In depth analysis is required.

• Suggested method of analysis :

• I -Issue

• R- Relevant Theory

• A- Application

• C-Conclusion

You must include:

• Research using at least 2 academic journal articles

• Carefully select appropriate theories and concepts

• Construct an in-depth and analytical discussion

• Use evidence and examples to support your work

• Write in a clear and logical manner.

• Cite all references using the APA referencing system

• Prepare and format a reference list.

Your assignment will be assessed on the following:

• Quality of the research and analysis undertaken

• Quality of the discussion, how many aspects of management and organizational behaviour have been covered in your overview

• Creativity and consistency - how well your argument holds together.

• Spelling, grammar, referencing, formatting.

Your reportshould be in proper format and will be assessed on the following criteria:

• Prepare a proficient report covering theoretical concepts linked within.

• Creativity and innovation demonstrated in presenting information.

• Make it professional in format with consistent fonts and proper format.

• Proper format in terms of font size, sequence and paragraphs used.


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