Prepare a process speech about how to lose weight

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There is two part, one is SPEECH OUTLINE

Another one is PROCESS SPEECH

Topic: How to lose weight

Rationale: (why did you chose this topic?) I chose this topic because it is a general problem for most college students and it would be useful for students to get to know this.

General Purpose: To inform .

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to effectively lose weight.

Central Idea: The way of losing weight is based on water drinking, eating in balance and energy releasing.

Ideas for MAIN POINTS (at least three):

I. drink water in regular amount

II. eat less junk food and eat more vegetable or fruits

III. release energy by exercise

Ideas for VISUAL AIDS:

I will use a picture to show what kinds of food are belong to junk food and we should not eat them as much as we can. And another picture of showing some vegetables and fruits that are good for our health. Such as carrots, apples, bananas. It makes my audience more easily to remember how to effectively lose weight and I would use this during my speech.

My Introduction

Hi everyone, the topic of my process speech is about how to lose weight. The reason why I choose this topic is because a lot of people who go to colleges are getting fatter. And they have no idea what's going on here. Actually, there is important thing they just ignore recently for obesity . And I come out three important ideas that you need to remember which are drinking water, eat in balance and release energy.

Reference no: EM131218489

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