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Research how people and organizations react to change, both positive and negative. If possible, interview coworkers, family, and friends who have experienced substantial change in their lives. Review articles and books on how organizations have successfully moved through changes, and study those that have failed to make changes to succeed. Develop a set of recommendations that will minimize the negative reactions from individuals and the organization to the change being planned for Pegasus. Present your findings in an organized, well-researched report of 1,000-1,250 words. Be sure to cite your sources using APA guidelines.

Prepare a presentation for Pegasus'' senior management team, focusing on anticipated employee reactions to organizational change (including the possibility of layoffs), and complete the following:

1. Present your findings from your research and surveys on how people react to change.

2. Propose an action plan to address these reactions.

3. Discuss the financial impact of emotional reactions to change so your audience "buys in" to any proposed investments of time or money.


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Reference no: EM13747309

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