Prepare a presentation for nike inc

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Prepare a presentation for Nike Inc.

-20 min. Powerpoint (orp rezi) presentation

-business professional dress required

-each team provides instructor with a copy of the presentation slides before the presentation begins (full member names to be shown on the first slide)

-brief introduction of members, company, & industry

-swot analysis (max 5 & min 3 for @ letter)

-propose three management related strategic alternatives for the future (show link to swot analysis)

-choose one or a slight combination of the alternatives for implementation

-propose an implementation plan (min 12mths. & max 18mths.)

*state mission statement with any changes

*state & explain strategic goal

*state & explain strategic plans

* state & explain tactical / operational plans explain each functional role (min 15) in plans

*illustrate time frame to implement each function

*state & explain controls or metrics created to measure progress (each balance scorecard item applied in quantitative terms)

-reference slide to cite sources.

Reference no: EM13722868

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