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Some people actively undertake a degree of self-management and responsibility for their physical and mental health conditions. For other people, multiple factors may impede their ability to manage their physical or mental health conditions as health professionals 'think they should'. Models of chronic condition management differ in a variety of ways. Is there an existing model which enables health professionals to actively and effectively engage people with chronic and complex conditions in the day-to-day self-management required to minimise the long-term impact of chronic conditions?

Prepare a scholarly paper that focuses on one model of chronic condition management which addresses an area of chronic or complex condition management which you see within your practice.

Although this is a scholarly paper, it is imperative that the person for whom you care is ever present in your thinking as you write.

- To situate your paper in clinical practice, write a 500 word 'story' about one of the people you have looked after who is experiencing life with a chronic or complex condition.

- Identify and explain significant features of the model you have chosen and how it addresses the risk factors of the chronic or complex condition you have chosen to focus on;

- Explain and provide an analysis of how it is aligned with current policies, frameworks, and initiatives being undertaken to prevent this condition;

- Evaluate its effectiveness in addressing the person's needs and facilitating active therapeutic engagement.

Conclude your paper with a brief statement of how you will change your practice in response to what you have learned from preparing this paper.


This essay will allow you to demonstrate your ability to:

1. Critically explore national and international health policy, frameworks, initiatives and delivery systems for the management of chronic and complex conditions

2. Critically analyse contemporary models of chronic health care provision; and

3. Evaluate the effect of policy related to managing chronic and complex conditions in health care.

Reference no: EM13962641

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