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Unit 3 Assignment: Job Search Preparation Assignment Phase III

Phase III Chose two jobs for which you feel that you are most qualified and for which you are most interested. For each of these jobs comprise a request for letter of recommendation from at least one of your former employers and develop three professional references that you would use in applying for this role.

Two request letters completed in Word document format using elements of model "How to Use Past Employers for Professional References".

My field is Health Information Management so any job in that field would be fine

Unit 4 Assignment: Job Search Preparation

Phase IV. After completing phases I through III of this Assignment write a one to two page self reflection paper. Focus on the specific soft skills areas that you feel are required in the jobs chosen and how you feel that you currently meet and may need to improve in these areas. At minimum address the following: Time Management, Written and Verbal Communication, Conflict Management and Ethical Behavior in your analysis.

Submitted one to two page reflection paper focusing on jobs chosen 0-5 focuses on areas of improvement with regards to specific
soft skill areas analyzed in Phase II of the Assignment, including Time Management, Communications, Conflict Management and Ethical Behavioral Elements.

Reference no: EM131380146

Choose a database application from the following

Choose a database application from the following:An appropriate database environment within your workplace.An Art Museum that needs to track the artwork, artists, and location

Analyze the security mechanisms needed to protect the dms

Analyze the security mechanisms needed to protect the DMS systems from both state employees and users accessing over the Internet.Critique the transition process performed

Describe the needs of communication networks in a business

Your new corporate CIO has devised a nine-point mission statement for the company. As one of the operations managers in the department, you have received a memo on the new p

Prepare presentation that address the occurrence of malware

Prepare a presentation that address the Occurrence of malware, spyware, and botnet, Prevention of spam and phishing, Securing your home network and Prevention of identity thef

Describe direct manipulation and virtual environments

Your software development company has been contracted to build a tool that will manage user accounts and rights in an Active Directory environment. One of your developers te

What are some challenges in working with mobile devices

What are some challenges in working with mobile devices as it pertains to computer forensics? What are some tools that can be used to probe and investigate mobile devices?

Discuss about the menu selection and organization

Describe the considerations that you would take into account when selecting the menu style for an application and why. Support your response with examples.Imagine you have b

Select one of the working groups in the ietf or ieee

Select one (1) of the working groups in the IETF or IEEE and briefly summarize what this group is working on.Justify the need of the IEEE 802 standard used in networking.Evalu


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