Prepare a mission and vision statement for your organization
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Strategy Development for Organizations

The process of composing a paper on specific strategies that will potentially help develop an organization in the healthcare industry.

1. Prepare a mission and vision statement for your organization and determine at least three specific strategic goals that align with the ideals in those two statements.

2. Recommend a combination of adaptive strategies that would be most effective in ensuring that the organization achieves its strategic goals that can be supported with specific examples.

3. Outline three service delivery components, as well as three support components each that will be necessary elements of the organization's value chain geared toward achieving the strategic goals that were identified. Discuss the main reasons why the delivery and support components of the value chain that you identified are essential to the achievement of the organization's goals.

4. Suggest a specific approach to maintaining the selected adaptive strategies that will ensure that the organization achieves its mission and vision.

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