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Question: Message Strategies: Providing Routine Information; Compositional Modes: Tutorials. Austin, Texas, advertising agency GSD&M Idea City brainstorms new advertising ideas using a process it calls dynamic collaboration . A hand-picked team of insiders and outsiders is briefed on the project and given a key question or two to answer. The team members then sit down at computers and anonymously submit as many responses as they can within five minutes. The project moderators then pore over these responses, looking for any sparks that can ignite new ways of understanding and reaching out to consumers.

Your task: For these brainstorming sessions, GSD&M recruits an eclectic mix of participants from inside and outside the agency-figures as diverse as economists and professional video gamers. To make sure everyone understands the brainstorming guidelines, prepare a message to be posted on the project blog. In your own words, convey the following four points as clearly and succinctly as you can:

? Be yourself. We want input from as many perspectives as possible, which is why we recruit such a diverse array of participants. Don't try to get into what you believe is the mindset of an advertising specialist; we want you to approach the given challenge using whatever analytical and creative skills you normally employ in your daily work.

? Create, don't edit. Don't edit, refine, or self-censor] while you're typing during the initial five-minute session. We don't care if your ideas are formatted beautifully, phrased poetically, or even spelled correctly. Just crank' em out as quickly as you can.

? It's about the ideas, not the participants. Just so you know up front, all ideas are collected anonymously. We can't tell who submitted the brilliant ideas, the boring ideas, or the already-tried-that ideas. So while you won't get personal credit, you can also be crazy and fearless. Go for it

? The winning ideas will be subjected to the toughest of tests. Just in case you're worried about submitting ideas that could be risky, expensive, or difficult to implement- don't fret. As we narrow down the possibilities, the few that remain will be judged, poked, prodded, and assessed from every angle. In other words, let us worry about containing the fi re; you come up with the sparks.

Reference no: EM131447123

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