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Accounting Capstone Project - Continuing Education:Now that you have been with Big Ed's Motorcycle Shop for a while, Ed has decided that you should look at pursuing continuing education opportunities to continue to be relevant in your field. He has also decided that all employees should engage in diversity training.

He has offered to pay for your continuing education, including a course or seminar that you can bring back to the rest of the employees and conduct diversity training for the group. Ed would like you to do some research on what is available in your area.

Prepare a memo sharing your continuing education plan proposal to present to Ed. Consider not only the potential cost of tuition and materials, but also if release time fro m work will be necessary for your course(s), seminars, or other opportunities you find.

Make sure that you provide a rationale for taking the types of courses or seminars that you are listing. In addition, select one type of professional certification that you would like to obtain and include the requirements of this certification in your plan.

As you work through this assignment consider the transferrable skills you are using, including communication, critical thinking, digital fluency, information literacy, diversity and teamwork.

Think about how you have in the past or will in the future use these transferrable skills in your professional communications in practice as you complete this assignment.

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Reference no: EM13737991

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