Prepare a master budget for the first three months of 2016

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Near the end of 2015, the management of Isle Corp., a merchandising company, prepared the following estimated balance sheet for December 31, 2015.

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To prepare the master budget for January, February and March of 2016, management gathers the following information

a. Isle Corp.'s single product is purchased for $30 per unit and resold for $45 per unit. The expected inventory level of 5,000 units on December 31, 2015, is more than management's desired level for 2015, which is 25% of the next month's expected sales (in units). 
Expected sales are: January, 6,000 units; February, 8,000 units; March, 10,000 units; and April, 9,000 units.

b. Cash sales and credit sales represent 25% and 75%, respectively, of total sales. Of the credit sales, 60% is collected in the first month after the month of sale and 40% in the second month after the month of sale. For the $525,000 accounts receivable balance at December 31, 2015, $315,000 is collected in January 2016 and the remaining $210,000 is collected in February 2016.

c. Merchandise purchases are paid for as follows: 20% in the first month after the month of purchase and 80% in the second month after the month of purchase. For the $360,000 accounts payable balance at December 31, 2015, $72,000 is paid in January 2016 and the remaining $288,000 is paid in February 2016.

d. Sales commissions equal to 20% of sales are paid each month. Sales salaries (excluding commissions) are $90,000 per year.

e. General and administrative salaries are $144,000 per year. Maintenance expense equals $3,000 per month and is paid in cash.

f. Equipment reported in the December 31, 2015 balance sheet was purchased in January 2015. It is being depreciated over 8 years under the straight-line method with no salvage value. The following amounts for new equipment purchases are planned in the coming quarter:
January, $72,000; February, $96,000; and March, $28,800. This equipment will be depreciated using the straight-line method over 8 years with no salvage value. A full month's depreciation is taken for the month in which equipment is purchased.

g. The company plans to acquire land at the end of March at a cost of $150,000, which will be paid with cash on the last day of the month.

h. Isle Corp. has a working arrangement with its bank to obtain additional loans as needed. The interest rate is 12% per year, and interest is paid at each month-end based on the beginning balance. Partial or full payments on these loans can be made o the last day of the month. Isle has agreed to maintain a minimum ending cash balance of $36,000 in each month.

i. The income ta rate for the company is 40%. Income taxes on the first quarter's income will not be paid until April 15.

Prepare a master budget for the first three months of 2016. Round to the nearest dollar.

Reference no: EM131003475

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