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Figgins are a (fictitious) chain of Sports Coffee Shops that serve a combination of high quality coffee and live state-of-the-art sport screenings. They are looking to expand and have approached your team (in your role as marketing consultants) to advise them on the feasibility of a launch in your country (or a country of your choice).

Task One

1. Produce a team-agreed amalgamation of the individual marketing plans to be presented via a PowerPoint presentation. This should take the form of an imagined face-to-face ‘pitch' to the client to support and promote your bid for this consulting contract. A maximum number of 12 slides for a 20-minute presentation (you will not be required to undertake the actual presentation).

2. You should accompany each slide with written notes (NOT an embedded voiceover) that simulate the face-to-face pitch PowerPoint lets you type note in beneath each slide when in the ‘normal' mode).

Word Limit: Maximum of 1000 words

Task Two

1. Prepare a marketing plan for Figgins. This should include the following:

a) An executive summary.

b) Situational analysis (this should refer to the country/economic zone you have selected).

c) Marketing objectives (using the SMART format).

d) Marketing plan (strategy and tactical details). To include: segmentation, targeting and positioning analysis; marketing mix analysis. Digital marketing and social media should be taken into consideration. In addition your plan should reflect ethical, sustainable marketing and corporate social responsibility considerations.

e) Marketing budget.

f) Conclusions, recommendations and summary.

Word Limit: 2000 words

Your assignment should include: a title page containing your student number, the module name, the submission deadline and a word count; the appendices if relevant; and a reference list in Harvard format.


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Table of Contents
Task 2: 2
Executive Summary: 2
Situational Analysis: 2
Marketing objectives SMART format: 3
Marketing Plan and the strategies: 4
Digital marketing and social Media: 4
Market Segmentation: 5
Marketing budget: 5
Conclusion: 6
References 7

Task 2:
Executive Summary:
Figgins is a unique sports coffee shop which serves a combination of high quality coffee and live state-of-the-art sport screenings. This Figgins coffee shop is not a typical coffee shop where people come and have their coffee, but also enjoy the screenings of the sports. Hence Figgins is the better place for the people who love sports and can enjoy watching it with their cup of coffee. The place where people gather, have discussion regarding their favourite sports personalities, make pre judgements of the match going on, and enjoy together with the taste of coffee, it also is a great place for the sports lover to spend time during their weekends and also during break times of their working days routine. A well made, tasteful coffee with the live screening of their favourite sport shall definitely attract them to visit the concerned place every now and then. Besides local customers, a well established and progressive coffee shop requires subtlety of people of other category of customer as well; these coffee shops provide very high social experience with word of mouth of advertising and also some invitations which are personal from the already existing customers (Cho, 2014).

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