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Responsibilities of Being Project Manager of a Trade Show


Your company, LRH Products, is about to attend a major trade show event in another city. You, a member of the marketing team, have been selected to manage the project. The project includes all the activities necessary to update the trade show display, re-stock the collaterals (brochures, signs, presentations), order new give-aways, transport the trade show materials, and make all travel arrangements. At this time, you do not need to update any of the printed collaterals, but the presentation will likely need some small modifications. The sales people who will staff the booth also need to be identified, notified, and trained. Clothing may also be necessary to order for them.

You will start this project ten weeks before the event; the display needs to be shipped ten calendar days before the event begins to ensure adequate time for set-up by the on-site trade show staff. You have adequate budget, prepared by the marketing manager based on the costs from the last show.

You have a small team of people to help you complete the project. You are available to work up to 16 hours a week on the project. As the newest person in the marketing department, you are not very familiar with the products or what has been done at previous trade shows. You have significant experience organizing trade show events since you used to work from one of the competitors. You also have experience training sales staff. You do not know the vendors with whom you will work on this project, such as the printer and give-away supplier. You do have the following individuals to draw upon their expertise for help and guidance.

- Pat

Hours available per week 12

Related experience - Has been involved with the trade show for the past several years. Is very knowledgeable about the products and has a solid working relationship with the sales staff.

Comments - Likes to update the collaterals, especially the presentation. Is comfortable training the sales staff, but doesn't always cover the material correctly. Will go on vacation four weeks prior to the trade show and will be off for two weeks.

- Terry

Hours available per week 8

Related Experience - Administrative assistant for the marketing department and has been involved in preparations for several trade shows.

Comments - Enjoys working on the give-aways and presentations. Does not enjoy making travel arrangements and tends to make mistakes there. May be pulled away from this project to support more time-critical activities.

- Task needing assistance:

This is a new position and your manager has asked you to write a job description for the project manager role to document for future candidates. In your summary, describe the main responsibilities that must be completed by a project manager.

Reference no: EM1345599

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