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Assignment 1:

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You are the newly appointed graduate accountant, employed at Zen Ltd. Zen Ltd is a multi-national corporation which has numerous overseas corporate customers, who are based worldwide. Senior management travelled overseas on a regular basis to negotiate large sales contracts with their international customers.


1. Choose a country and investigate the cultural differences, from a business perspective. Each student must chose a different country and culture to research with the exception of Japan.

2. Prepare a Global Business Etiquette trading strategy for Zen Ltd. Your strategy will address factors such as (but not limited to) etiquette, manners, traditions, barriers, cultural differences, cross cultural and intercultural communication.

Ensure all your research and sources have been reference correctly. Word limit: 1,000 words

Assignment 2: Cultural trading strategy


1. Compare and contrast an ethical, legal, soda or environmental issue relevant to business and/or professional practice in your host country and Austraian contexts.

2. Demonstrate leadership and collaborative skits to perform effectively in a team within your host institution.

3. Communicate effectively in culturally diverse business environments and apply sills and knowledge to international contexts

4. Use initiative and sound ethical judgement in planting, problem-solving and decision-making whilst toodertaking your international experience.

5. Use a range of modern technologies to record and communicate your experiences to a range of stakeholders.

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Reference no: EM13873600

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