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The purpose of the plan or paper is to prepare a formal and valuable performance improvement proposal for Amazon. It is like what Amazon can improve and you giving recommendation. This will require different concepts used in business and also may include merging, acquiring, divesting, outsourcing, offering a new product or service, reengineering, adopting Quality, etc.

The plan would include specific information, such as market analysis, breakeven point, etc. The complete paper should be three pages with few references. It should be free from plagiarism.

Your proposal should flow something like this (define > design > deliver):

Questions that need to be answered.

1. Who are you?

2. What is your product/service/enhancement?

3. What problem are you solving?

4. What is your assessment of the state of the overall market?

5. What is your assessment of the state of the target market?

6. What is your competitive position/advantage?

7. How will the company produce your product and service?

8. What management/organizational changes will be required?

9. How much money do you need to start?

10. How long will it take to break even?

11. Do you have checkpoints and an exit strategy?

12. Why should we believe your story?

Reference no: EM132280777

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