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Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Group Report-

Aim of the Assessment

The assessment gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to prepare a digital communication plan for a hospitality provider. It aims at verifying the students' ability to apply the tools and concepts seen in class to a real business case.

Assessed Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate the strategic role of digital campaign elements in a hospitality organisation.

2. Develop a digital marketing campaign for a specified hospitality outlet.

Assessment Brief-

Word Limit - 4,000 words. The word count is to exclude the Cover Page, the Table of Contents, in-text references, text associated with tables and graphs...etc.


1. Demonstrate awareness of the structure and contents of a digital communication plan.

2. Identify and review existing research and literature to support their proposals appropriately.

3. Be able to choose the correct tools and platforms to communicate a specific event for a hospitality provider.

4. Develop an actionable communication plan based on the client brief.

5. Suggest appropriate measurements of results.

Structure and Content of the Group Report

Your Group Report must include all the following sections in the given order:

1. Cover Page. The cover page must include:

1.1. The module code and title

1.2. The assessment title

1.3. Your RGU Student ID

1.4. Your name (first name followed by last name)

1.5. The word count (please refer to the word count limit). Please use automated word count calculation tools.

2. Table of Contents.

3. Executive Summary

3.1. States the aim of the project and the objectives sought

3.2. Outlines briefly the contents of subsequent sections

4. Analysis of current situation

4.1. Identifies the property's current positioning and offer

4.2. Outlines market opportunities

4.3. Provides a clear picture of competitive offers in the customers' choice set

5. Key objectives

5.1. Identifies specific objectives (create awareness, support new product launch, improve customer loyalty)

6. Recommendations

6.1. Suggests which channels are best suited to communicate

6.2. Suggests a specific approach for each of the channels identified

6.3. Indicates how the communication is integrated to provide consistency

6.4. Proposes a layout for key media (website, social media, app etc)

7. Timeline and KPI's

7.1. Proposes a timeline for rollout

7.2. Indicates relevant KPI's to measure results

8. References. List all references you used in your preparation of the Group Project including the preliminary literature review. All references must follow the RGU Harvard referencing system.

Reference no: EM131191858

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