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You need to prepare a business plan for Tawseel L.L.C Company.

Tawseel L.L.C Company is focusing in the shopping of products from different area inside Oman.

Tawseel is Arabic word means delivering and connecting so; our business is connecting between the customers and suppliers or seller and transports the products between them.

Business Goals:

• Our goal is to be the company number 1 in for shopping and delivering in Muscat.
• To make our stuff very fast response and easy to reach all customers.
• To buy at least 10 trucks at the end of third year.
• To cover all load repayments at the end of sixth year.
• To make our service cover all Oman places by the end of sixth year
• To reach 90 % of Omani employers in the company.

Business Objectives:

• Short-term Business Objectives

To buy 3 trucks only in the first year covering some area near the office in Muscat to start up our business.

Employers will be foreign people that need less salary at the beginning.

• Long-term Business Objectives

We are planning to increase the number of trucks and cars that we use from 5 to 15 by the end of 2025 .Also we are planning to increase the number of service that we provide not only food we want to enter the electronic market only by the end of 2018.Moreover, we are planning to increase the number of employees from 15 to 30 and we are planning to train them before they start working.

Our plan is to grow in next two years through expand the area we cover it not only for Muscat but for other area near to Muscat.

The plan will start after two years of operation. In the third year of operation the number of tracks and employees will increase.

We plan to grow and open new branches outside Muscat after meeting our goals for Muscat area.

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Reference no: EM13892627

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