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Project: Behavior Intervention Plan Instructions

In this assignment, you will prepare a behavior intervention plan for a specific student with an emotional/behavioral disability. This can be a fictitious student or a student that you actually know. You may use the required text, journal articles, and personal research.

Additionally, you may consult the rubric for further details about the assignment.

Behavior Intervention Plan

Begin with a 1-paragraph opening statement of your philosophy for meeting a student's individual needs.

Describe the student with an emotional/behavioral disability (social interaction, overall academic performance, gender, any other relevant data).

Identify 1 specific target behavior that needs to be addressed.

State rewards.

State consequences. A sample behavior contract is given.

Explain a record-keeping system for behavior.

Explain the system for communication with parents regarding behavior.

Procedures are stated that are required before suspending this student, specifically a discussion on the laws required for suspending a student with a disability.

Reference no: EM13980891

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