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Consider yourself as the new online advertising manager for Midland Daily Courier, as a local newspaper. The newspaper wishes to sell the banner advertising on its site in the variety of sizes in order to meet the requirements of its advertisers. Discover the IAB Web site and the other online resources of your choice, and then prepare the memo to the newspaper’s advertising manager which outlines the present state of the standards for banner ads. Involve a specific recommendation regarding how many different sizes the newspaper must offer.

Reference no: EM1321724

Research about how gender roles may

Luka is 72 years old. According to trends noticed in research about how gender roles may or may not change with age, we can expect that Luka is now _____ she was when she was

How do these test results affect lesson planning

How do state ELL proficiency tests, such as the AZELLA (AZ) or the WIDA (other states), guide data-informed decision making? How do these test results affect lesson planning

Were their findings consistent with previous research

Did the researchers answer their question? Was the method of answering the question appropriate? Did the procedure make sense? Was there a better way to answer the research

Weber life chances

What did Max Weber called life chances or ability of an individual to attain the following? Assistance is needed with this D.B. discuss how an individul's ascribed social cl

In working environment

In working environment, when an employee is in the mid of making decision based on Business Ethics dilemma of accept or not for a problem faced. He has to make a decision on d

Basic functions of all levels of government-federal

The basic functions of all levels of government-federal, state, and local-when responding to a possible bioterrorism threat. The existing surveillance systems and their adequa

Focusing on corporate social responsibility

I need three sentences focusing on corporate social responsibility regarding this unconvential oil play in North Dakota. I am only allowed three sentences which makes it dif

Explain what elements of social contract theory

What would be the best way, from the perspective of social contract theory, to deal with the presence of large numbers of illegal immigrants in a country? explain what eleme


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