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Imagine you are a judge on the Supreme Court of a nation. The country's trial-by-jury court procedure is currently under judicial review. The majority of the judges would like to implement an adversarial system. Debate two (2) reasons that maintaining a trial-by-jury court procedure is a better option for your country. Provide justification for your response.

The United States offers those accused of committing a crime several rights. These rights consist of the right to counsel, the right to remain silent, the right to a trial by a jury, and the right to bail. If you were on trial for committing a crime, specify one (1) right you would be most willing to give up and the one (1) right you could not give up. Predict the impact that giving up your chosen right would have on the court proceedings.

Reference no: EM131278854

Use headnotes to highlight the issues

Use the IRAC format for your answer and use headnotes to highlight the issues you will be discussing.Once you have completed this assignment, save it on your computer whe

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