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Thrombocytopenia (throm-bo-sye-tow-pee-ne-ah) is a disorder that develops when certain drugs, bone marrow cancer, or radiation destroys red bone marrow, including stem cells that give rise to platelets. Predict a likely symptom of this disorder.

Reference no: EM132280394

Which food groups would you deemphasize, and why

Assume you performed a gram stain on a sample from a pure culture of bacteria and observed a field of red and purple cocci. Adjacent cell were not always the similar colour. W

What is the mechanism that generates this diversity

Question:  The genomes of (+) RNA viruses can be translated immediately upon cellular entry, even though they do not possess a 5' 7-methylguanosine cap due to the presence of

The social and cultural environments

1. Do you think the social and cultural environments of the 18th and 19th centuries helped or hindered the study of microbiology in particular and science in general?  Why?

The state of washington is a pretty small state

The state of Washington is a pretty small state, but within its borders it houses a wide variety of different ecosystems. In particular, along the western part of the state on

Describe endocrine disrupters

Describe endocrine disrupters.Because of endocrine disrupters, why did Congress amend the Food Quality Protection Act and the Safe Water Drinking Act in 1996?What is the preca

How large must its territory be to dietary needs are met

A carnivorous bird (feeding on both herbivore/detritivore and carnivore levels) has an energy requirement of 18 kcal/day. If it feeds in our ecosystem for nine months (270 d

The exchange of health information exchange

HIE is the exchange of health information exchange that allows doctors, nurses, pharmacies, patients, and other health care providers to access and share the patients health i

Uneven distribution of sweat glands

Women who are heterozygous for the situation have region of the body that do possess sweat glands while other regions do not and discuss how does this uneven distribution of s


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