Practice of ethics within the organization

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Reflect upon the corporate culture with respect to the practice of ethics within the organization. What was leadership's role in establishing this culture within the organization? How did power and motivation relate to the degree of ethical conduct?

Reference no: EM131073338

Dispute resolution clause

Draft a contract clause regarding one of the following topics:  Dispute Resolution Clause              OR Intellectual Property (IP) Clause regarding ownership of IP

Probability that none of the people are independent

a.) What is the probability that none of the people are independent? b.) What is the probability that fewer than five people are independent? c.) What is the probability that

Research methods in marketing

Market research is one of the most critical steps to successful marketing. This Discussion will focus on different types of marketing research to make more sound decisions.

Important information about global competition

How does global competition affect the decision-making process in an organization? Keep in mind, all organizations face global competition even if your company is not global

Determine the best course for gm

In the Spanish market, GM faces competition from Italian and French car makers, such as Fiat and Renault, whose operating currencies are the Euro. From the second e-Activit

Describe the nature and types of services of organization

Describe the nature, structure and types of services of your organization by using popular business media to profile/characterize its business, e.g., WSJ, Forbes, NYTimes, Y

What step will you take to ensure the rights of participants

What steps will you take to ensure the rights of participants, including confidentiality of data, and the principle of doing no harm? How will you know that a research parti

Develop a new marketing plan

You have been hired by a university to develop a new marketing plan that includes not only the key elements of the marketing mix, but also how you would implement them. You


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