Power centers tend to be smaller than lifestyle centers

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Wholesaling includes all the activities involved in selling products or services directly to final consumers for their personal, nonbusiness use.

Shopper marketing involves focusing the entire marketing process-from product and brand development to logistics, promotion, and merchandising-toward turning shoppers into buyers at the point of sale.

Department stores carry narrow product lines with deep assortments within those lines.

Self-service retailers serve customers who are willing to perform their own locate-compare-select process to save time or money.

Full-service stores usually carry more specialty goods for which customers need or want assistance or advice.

In recent years, convenience stores have redesigned their stores to closely focus on serving their primary TARGET market made up of young, blue-collar men.

Superstores are much larger than regular supermarkets and offer a large assortment of routinely purchased food products, nonfood items, and services.

Supermarkets sell a limited selection of goods at deep discounts to consumers who pay membership fees.

Supermarkets are located near residential areas and are open long hours, seven days a week; they carry a limited line of high-turnover goods.

Category killers are giant specialty stores that carry a very deep assortment of a particular line.

Off-price retailers pay regular wholesale prices for their merchandise but maintain low prices by accepting lower margins and selling higher volume.

A discount store buys at less-than-regular wholesale prices and charges consumers less than retail.

Independent off-price retailers either are independently owned and run or are divisions of larger retail corporations.

Corporate chains are two or more outlets that are commonly owned and controlled.

A voluntary chain is a wholesaler-sponsored group of independent retailers that engages in group buying and common merchandising.

In a retailer cooperative, independent retailers band together to set up a jointly owned, central wholesale operation and conduct joint merchandising and promotion efforts.

Retailers first must position themselves in a market and then decide how they will define the TARGETcustomers in these markets.

A neighborhood shopping center has from 50 to more than 100 stores.

A community shopping center contains between 15 and 50 retail stores.

Power centers tend to be smaller than lifestyle centers.

The life cycle of new retail forms is getting longer.

Retail convergence means lower competition for retailers and lower difficulty in differentiating the product assortments of different types of retailers.

Megaretailers have shifted the balance of power between retailers and producers, giving retailers more power.

Many shoppers now check out merchandise online and then buy it at brick-and-mortar stores. This process is called showrooming.

Green retailing yields both top- and bottom-line benefits.

Reference no: EM13732395

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