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Basic Acquisition Approach. [Under this heading, provide a summary statement of your basic acquisition approach and then use the subheadings below to give details of the activities. In this summary statement, identify the IT services and products (if included) to be acquired and describe at a high-level the approach that will be used to identify qualified sources of the desired IT services. If the contractor to be selected is to recommend, install, develop, or otherwise provide services related to a product, this aspect needs to be addressed in the acquisition approach.

After writing the summary statement, describe the actions that were or are to be followed in each of the below areas identified by subheadings. Include the subheadings in your document.]

Market Research. [Briefly described the market research planned and any results to date.]

Use of Competition. [Describe how competition will be built into the acquisition process to help obtain the best price and/or best value and not exclude potentially qualified IT services contractors.]

Potential Sources. [Identify the potential contractors qualified to provide the services required.]

Contract Type. [Identify the type of contract planned to be awarded and give the reason for its selection.]

Contract Incentives and Penalties. [Describe any incentives and penalties that you plan to build into the contract with the IT services contractor.]

Risk Assessment. [Identify important risks, including risks associated with the contract type selected, and how those risks will be managed.]

Reference no: EM132183849

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