Potential amount of credit available on home equity loan

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Yara owns a home that was recently appraised for $189,000. The balance on the existing mortgage is $84,450. If Yara’s bank is willing to loan up to 75% of the appraised value, find the potential amount of credit available on a home equity loan.

Reference no: EM13921310

Benefits of a large and diverse investment portfolio

The Nebraska Institute of Science (NIS) pools all of its endowment funds so that it can obtain the benefits of a large and diverse investment portfolio. The institute recently

Exceeds the times-burden-covered ratio

The times-interest-earned ratio always equals or exceeds the times-burden-covered ratio. All else equal, an increase in a company’s asset turnover will decrease its ROE.

Use the equation to find unlevered beta

Unlevered beta Harley Motors has $14 million in assets, which were financed with $2.8 million of debt and $11.2 million in equity. Harley's beta is currently 1.65 and its tax

Explain the signalling theory of capital structure

Surf Rider Inc. has 5,000 bonds outstanding with a 6% annual coupon rate, 10 years to maturity, a $1,000 face value, and a market quote of 220%. The company’s 50,000 shares of

Distribution of the ending retirement fund balance

Modify the spread- sheet to include the assumptions that the annual salary increase is triangular with a minimum of 1%, most likely value of 3%, and maximum value of 5%, and t

What is the journal entry

What is the Journal Entry? The office manager in San Diego ordered $350 of office (operating) supplies from Staples. While on the way back from a delivery, one of the warehous

Calculate the yield of a perpetual preferred stock

Calculate the yield of a perpetual preferred stock which is priced at $90 and pays $4dividend per annum. If the preferred stock is callable after 5 years at $104, what is the

How should he trade to benefit from the opportunity

Call and put options have a strike price of 20 eur and expiration date in 3 months. Both options are sold at 3 eur. The risk free interest rate is 10% per annum, the current s


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