Postmodern hero differ from his or her predecessors

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1. In literature, how does the postmodern hero differ from his or her predecessors?


Has been rejected by society for not conforming

Embraces his or her ordinariness and lack of purpose

Has no definable goal and merely wanders through life

Accepts that the search for meaning is never-ending

2. In Thomas Pynchon's novel V. why can protagonist Herbert Stencil never fulfill his quest for the mysterious V?


V. died in Italy during World War II

Not a person, V. is an unreachable vanishing point

V. moved to Africa and changed her name

V. was a figment of his father's imagination

3. On what painting did Yasumasa Morimura model his photograph Portrait (Twins)?


Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror

Manet's Olympia

Morisot's Summer Day

Matisse's Blue Nude

Reference no: EM13238814

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