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Question - Blue Spruce Corp. provides security services. Selected transactions for Blue Spruce Corp. are presented below.

Oct. 1Issued common stock in exchange for $80,500 cash from investors.2Hired part-time security consultant. Salary will be $2,400 per month. First day of work will be October 15.4Paid 1 month of rent for building for $2,400.7Purchased equipment for $22,000, paying $4,900 cash and the balance on account.8Paid $600 for advertising.10Received bill for equipment repair cost of $480.12Provided security services for event for $3,900 on account.16Purchased supplies for $500 on account.21Paid balance due from October 7 purchase of equipment.24Received and paid utility bill for $181.27Received payment from customer for October 12 services performed.31Paid employee salaries and wages of $6,200.

1) Journalize the transactions.

2) Post the transactions to T-accounts.

3) Prepare a trial balance at October 31, 2017.

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