Possibility of domestic terrorism

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1. Discuss the challenges in addressing the possibility of domestic terrorism. Be sure to include comments on preventing, preparing, and responding to domestic terrorism.

2. Are there any types of domestic terrorism that would be more difficult to deal with? Why?

3. What aspects of the American political system make it more or less difficult to deal with this issue?

4. How has the U.S. national/homeland security community reacted to this threat?

In this particular task, you are being asked to do a number of things - explore ideas, concepts and topics of interest in relation to terrorism and US national security. I suggest that you use an outline to complete this task which I have provided you with, below. When tackling each question, plan out the ideas you will include. It's not the length of the answer - it's in the manner by which you present your ideas. So be concise but include details. I suggest this outline:

1. Domestic terrorism (300 words)
a. definition
b. challenges in addressing domestic terrorism
c. preventing, preparing & responding to domestic terrorism

2. Types of Domestic Terrorism (200 words)
a. types
b. the difficult type, add an example (see Boston bombing)

3. American Politics & Terrorism (200 words)
a. American politics & terrorism
b. politicking and terrorism prevention

4. Domestic Terrorism & the DHS (300 words)
a. the DHS & domestic terrorism
b. Concrete actions taken
c. example of events

This outline should yield around 1,000 words but of course, you can lengthen the resulting material by putting in more details, expanding the discussion, adding more ideas. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Just let me know if you need further clarification.

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Reference no: EM13136534

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