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The Internet version of word-of-mouth marketing is known as viral marketing. Viral marketing takes on characteristics of an "addictive, self-propagating advertainment that lives and breathes on Web sites, blogs, cell phones, message boards, and real-world stunts" (Fast Company: Down the Rabbit Hole (Links to an external site.)). The use of online consumer personas  (Links to an external site.)can provide a metric for the various marketing channels effectiveness. Be sure to view the Audience Growth Survey Report toward the bottom of the page (requires personal information such as name, email, phone number, etc. in order to download the report).

In this activity you will view some examples (below) of positive and negative viral marketing campaigns that extended the (product/service) message through music videos, cell phone recordings, and an interview.


  1. FedEx Employee Throwing Items in Truck  (Links to an external site.)(1:10)
  2. FedEx Responds to Viral Video of Driver Throwing Packages  (Links to an external site.)(0:32)
  3. Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) (Links to an external site.)(4:06)
  4. Psy Super Bowl Pistachios Gangham Style Ad  (Links to an external site.)(1:00)
  5. Italian TV Music Impersonator Show (Links to an external site.) (3:03)
  6. President Tries Awkward Comedy to Pitch Obamacare (Links to an external site.)(1:54)

After reviewing each of the video links, provide a reflective analysis post that evaluates the positive or negative effectiveness that these videos have had in marketing. Provide your example of another viral marketing message that has impacted a business positively and/or negatively. If possible, try to expand beyond the US market to demonstrate the impact of viral marketing across the globe, similar to the example of South Korean music artist known as PSY, who's original post, Gangnam Style, reached over 1 billion views on YouTube.

Reference no: EM131036033

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