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1.The head of the IT group in a company often is called the chief information officer (CIO) or chief technology officer (CTO). Should the CIO or CTO report to the company president, to the finance department, where many of the information systems are used, or to someone or somewhere else? Why would it matter?

2. Contact at least three people at your school or a nearby company who use information systems. List the systems, the position titles of the users, and the business functions that the systems support.

Reference no: EM131080749

Describe the importance of using sub queries

Extracting and interpreting data can be very valuable to an organization. Describe the importance of using sub queries in a database system. Provide at least two business ca

Select a real or hypothetical business engaged in e-busines

Step 1: Establish a target audience and scope for your presentation. Select a real or hypothetical business engaged in e-business and outline its central offerings and/or

Explain how you would make it user friendly

Select a company which has a website. Explain how you would make it user friendly. Your write up should be a minimum of 2-3 page. You may use additional data sources to sup

New information technology system

Present a new system proposal for the Riordan manufacturing organization. Riordan is a virtual organization. Write a paper of minimum 2 pages that includes the following:

Polynomial-time algorithm to test dependency-preservation

Projecting the FDs stated over a set of attributes X onto a subset of attributes Y requires that we consider the closure of the FDs. Give an example where considering the cl

Displays the amount of pay for the pay period

1. Non-numeric values should not be accepted. 2. Negative values should not be accepted. 3. The minimum number of days for the pay period is 19 days for the new employees an

Name and brief description of the organization

Select a country, criminal organization, or hacktivist group known to have a significant cyber warfare capability. Based on your open source research, post a one paragraph

Assignment on direct manipulation

Early computer systems relied on command line interfaces to perform all actions. Today, the majority of systems use direct manipulation rather than a command line interface.


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