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Suppose the position of political candidates on all issues can be ranked on a scale ranging from conservative to liberal. The more conservative a candidate, the less the quantity of public goods he will supply. Suppose as well, that all voters favoring liberal candidates will vote, while only 50% of those favoring conservative candidates will vote. Create a graph to show how the political equilibrium will differ from an election in which all citizens vote. Explain. Create a graph on a spreadsheet program

Reference no: EM131000436

How the international trade flows should initially adjust

Explain how the international trade flows should initially adjust in response to the changes in inflation (holding exchange rates constant). Explain how the international capi

Does given statement convince you to buy smith mutual funds

On its Web site, one mutual fund company describes its "disciplined and sophisticated investment strategies."- Does given statement convince you to buy Smith mutual funds.

Computation on bad debt expense

Customer notes of P60,000 were discounted with recourse during the year, proceeds from their transfer being P58,500. Of this total, P48,000 matured during the year without n

Review the case study of Warren E buffet

What does the stock market seem to be saying about the acquisition of GEICO by Berkshire Hathaway? Based on your own analysis, what do you think GEICO is worth on its own (i.e

Positive net advantage to leasing

If it borrows and purchases, it could obtain a 3-year simple interest loan, to purchase the equipment at a before-tax interest rate of 10%. If there is a positive net advant

How much was your total bet

You placed a bet on Chicago for this year's Super Bowl. To cover your loss, you agree to pay your bookie $612.52 in three years. Assuming 7% interest, how much was your tota

What is meant by current assets and liabilities

Give your own example of an Indirect Market Transaction. Include the company or entity, Intermediary, and purchaser/investor. What was the purpose of the transaction? What w

Public accounting

Seven years ago, after 15 years in public accounting, Stanley Booker, CPA, resigned his position as manager of cost systems for Davis, Cohen, and O?Brien Public Accountants an


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