Population is in hardy-weinberg equilibrium

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Reference no: EM13531946

A fruit fly population has a gene with two alleles, A1 and A2. Tests show that 70% of the gametes produced in the population contains the A1 allele. If the population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, what proportion of the flies carry both A1 and A2?

Reference no: EM13531946

What disorder does the man have

What disorder does this man have? Gastric secretions normally include about 10mmole/L potassium. How do you account for the low serum potassium in this patient.

Population through conjugation, transduction and transform

Prokaryotes rise in number through asexual reproduction, brings in variation in the population   through conjugation, transduction and transformation.

Elimination or modification of current us drug laws

Consider the following argument: There are many arguments for the elimination or modification of current U. S. drug laws, but one of the most persuasive involves what negati

Enteric nervous system-consists of brain and spinal code

The enteric nervous system. When a doctor gives a patient epidural anesthesia, they areinserting a needle between which two structures? Voluntary motor function, motivation, a

Prevents the exocytotic release of transmitter from vesicles

Botulinus toxin causes paralysis. It binds to presynaptic sites at the motor end plate (neuromuscular junction) and prevents the exocytotic release of transmitter from vesic

Disturbing any of the adjacent nucleosomes

In an experimental template having perfectly placed 5 nucleosomes there is a single EcoR1 site buried near dyad axis of the 3rd nucleosome. Is it possible for a modeller to

Details of psychological problems of jessica

Write the details of psychological problems of Jessica, a Heterosexual female Jessica is a 28-year-old, heterosexual, Caucasian female. She presents to your office and state

Normal phenotype

A man with hemophilia (a recessive, sex-linked conditions) has a daughter of normal phenotype. She marries a man who is normal for the trait. What is the probability that a


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