Population affluence and technology impact the biosphere
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1.  Discuss the drivers in the environment and the economy that provide a driver for the sustainable. In your answer include a discussion as to how population affluence and Technology impact the biosphere. How do these come together in their impact? (i.e. discuss the synergies between these) and where does the sustainable business fit within these.

2. Describe in detail why regulatory compliance is far below the standards of a responsible, sustainable business. Be sure to comprehensively develop the concept of Corporate Responsibility in your essay.

3.  Describe how the market reacts to correct overconsumption of a resource such as water or gasoline. Why doesn't the market respond in similar ways to air quality of habitat destruction?

4.What are the three fundamental challenges to a sustainable economy?

5.  Discuss international finance as it relates to sustainability.

6. Where will changes in the traditional business paradigm have to occur in order to accommodate sustainability in the coming decades?

7.  Briefly describe the "Cradle -to-cradle model. Provide at least one example to support your answer.

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