Politics and education in the news

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Politics and Education in the News

Not a week goes by without an article in local and national newspapers, commentaries on television, and/or newsbriefs on the Internet regarding political issues related to education (e.g., the use of standardized testing, where tax dollars should and should not go, bond initiatives, half-day versus full-day kindergarten).

Consider the philosophies and issues that you have been studying. Then, identify an article, commentary, or newsbrief about a political issue related to education that is of particular interest to you.

By Day 3:

Post the following:

  • An explanation of the issue and the underlying philosophy (or philosophies) that gave rise to the issue (Cite references.)
  • A summary of your beliefs about the issue - - whether it is newsworthy, who it is impacting, and what should be done about it

Reference no: EM13795759

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