Policy activism versus policy rules.

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Question1. One of the major issues in macroeconomics is disagreement in debate over policy activism vs. policy rules. What exactly is that disagreement? Any implications?

Question2. The Japanese economy has been in and out of a recession for the past twenty-years years. Since 1989 the value of their main stock market index N 225 has declined by 75 percent from 46K to about 9K. The technical definition of a recession is when the GDP of a nation contracts for two consecutive quarters. The Bank of Japan (central bank) can't lower rates any further as the discount rate has been at virtually 0 percent (liquidity trap?). Some people believe that something similar could happen in the US after the increase in government debt due to the huge financial bail outs on top of mounting tremendous budget deficitsâ?¦

What are your comments?


Reference no: EM1373247

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