Plastic as a soil stabilizer
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Use of plastic products such as polythene bags, bottles, containers and packing strips etc. is increasing day by day. As a result amount of waste plastic also increased. This will leads to various environmental problems. Many of the wastes produced today will remain in the environment for many years leading to various environmental concerns. Therefore it is necessary to utilize the wastes effectively with technical development in each field.

This essay covers the approach to application of plastic as soil stabilizers. Let's have a look under following heads:

1.      Abstract of the essay

2.      Introduction

3.      Plastic as a Soil Stabilizer

4.      Improved properties of soil by using plastic as a stabilizer

  • CBR value
  • Increased shear strength
  • Reduction in consolidation settlement
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Reduction in cracks
  • Increase in hydrolic conductivity
  • Avoid disposal problems of plastic

5.      Effects of stabilization

6.      Consolidation Settlement results

7.      Effects of swelling test

8.      Effects of Shrinkage

9.      Desiccation cracks

10.  Reduce environmental hazards

11.  Conclusions

12.  References

Plastic is one of the major toxic pollutants of our time. Being a non-biodegradable substance, composed of toxic chemicals, plastic pollutes earth, air and water. Beside all these ill effects we here suggested one method which drastically change the view by which the people are concerned it today. Here without affecting the normal texture of the soil we are stabilizing it with the fibre format of the plastic.

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