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With the start of school approaching, a store is planning on having a sale on school materials. They have 600 notebooks, 500 folders and 400 pens in stock, and they plan on packing it in two different forms. In the first package, there will be 2 notebooks, 1 folder and 2 pens, and in the second one, 3 notebooks, 1 folder and 1 pen. The price of each package will be $6.50 and $7.00 respectively. How many packages should they put together of each type to obtain the maximum benefit? You can use excel to solve X1 = Price of package #1 X2 = Price of package #2 (10) Objective function: (15) ALL Constraints:

Reference no: EM131042276

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Determine the key legal and ethical issues surrounding the ability of pharmaceutical companies to patent and exploit plant-derived substances, and suggest at least one (1) way

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Illustrate what are you thinking about balance between with sustainable growth also high welfare level. Elucidate how the firm's profitability is altered by product mix.

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As department manager, you have been working on scheduling software training for employees in your department. You have scheduled training for March 1 at 3 p.m. in Conference

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Describe how the view of operations as a process can be applied to the following types of work: acquisition of another company, closing the books at the end of the year, marke

Permissible action and obligatory action

What are the unique demands placed on us when given a permissible or obligatory task? Explain the difference between a PERMISSIBLE action and an OBLIGATORY action, using an ex


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