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1. ABC Inc. sponsors the "Pioneer Trial Ultramarathon," with an advertised first price of $10,000. The rules require the competitors to run 100 miles from the floor of Blackwater Canyon to the top of the Pinnacle Mountain. The rules also provide that ABC reserves the right to change the terms of the race at any time. Andy enters the race and is declared the winner. ABC offers him a price of $1,000 instead of $10,000. Did ABC and Andy have a contract? Explain.

2. Andy, a sports marketing expert, met with Ben, the owner of the San Francisco Crazy Baseball team, many times to discuss the Andy Benson Crazy Company (ABC). Andy was paid as a consultant. Later, he filed a suit, seeking an ownership share in ABC. There was no written contract for the share, but he claimed that the matter had been discussed. Does Andy have a valid claim for payment? Discuss.

Reference no: EM131116519

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In the post-feast portion of this fragmentary text, Eumolpus (Mr. Good Singer) replaces Ascyltus as Encolpius' rival for Giton's affections. Like Petronius, Eumolpus is a writ

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In 2012, Triple Play Sports Bar, was found to have committed an unfair labor practice when it unlawfully terminated the employment of two employees who had engaged in a Facebo

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Assume that the termination is warranted. Managers typically hold termination meetings at The Daily Review but it is not unheard of for the HR department to conduct this meeti

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Suppose the revenue for a firm is $8,000,000. Its cost of goods sold is $300,000, and its average inventory value for the year is $100,000. a) What is the firm’s inventory tur

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The plaintiff, while a parton in a restaurant, was shot by an armed robber. The robber was angry because the cashier had locked the cash register and fled. Is the defendant re

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A soup company wants to determine the optimal ingredients for its vegetable soup. The cost per ounce of the ingredients is $.02 for the vegetables, $.05 for the meat, $.001 fo


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