Piezoelectricenergy harvesting from torsional vibrations

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Piezoelectricenergy harvesting from torsional vibrations in internal combustion engines -


1. Introduction

2. Importance of piezoelectric energy harvesting

3. Research and hypothesis of piezoelectric energy harvesting

4. Conclusion

5. References


Torsional vibrations in vehicles are often introduced into a powertrain by means of frequent vibrating sources including IC engines, compressors, and also in some joints. The variation of Torque or ripple often referred as torsional vibrations are main source of noise, vibration and the harshness as they are primarily transferred to input shaft of transmission.

The vibrations in engine are mainly caused by reciprocation and rotation of masses in the engines such as pistons.

The variations of inertial forces are due to the combustion and the compression differences of the piston cylinder arrangement during their operation.

To ensure comfort of the passenger as well as the durability regarding powertrain elements, a new torsional damper having helical springs can be introduced between engine and transmission system to reduce the induction of vibration. Recently, piezoelectric materials has been introduced for harvesting of vibration based energy as this technological innovation could replace the usage of battery sources.

Your proposal must address the following key issues:

• What is the area of research?
• What are the research questions?

In addressing each of these questions, you must explicitly state your research questions and summarise your proposal and rationale. Your introduction must contain the following information: a brief outline of the topic being addressed in this work. The background will explain the topic in light of the problem you will address in the research area. The background will also highlight the research questions and your hypothesis on these questions. Your bibliography must conform to the IEEE style for referencing.

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Reference no: EM13733486

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