Photosynthetic dark reactions

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C4 plants have an altered the strategy by which the CO2 in photosynthetic dark reactions is "fixed".This "improved strategy" is intended to address what"negative property" of the enzyme rubisco?

Reference no: EM131051937

Discussing the classification of viruses

Write a one to two page essay discussing the classification of viruses with the 6 kingdoms of life. Which kingdom, if any, do they belong in? Why do they belong or not belon

Source of the outbreak and the nature of the pathogen

You have been called to help the CDC and WHO determine whetheran outbreak of a new pathogen is occurring and if so, to determinethe source of the outbreak and the nature of

Compute the functional residual capacity

What is an inspiratory capacity (IC) of a person with a tidal volume of 505 ml and an inspiratory reserve volume of 1950 ml? Is this person male or female.

Major mechanism involved in regulation of cardiac performane

Explain why at very low and very high heart rates, the heart is unable to pump adequate amount of blood and explain the major mechanisms involved in regulation of cardiac perf

Effect of coupling photosystem i from photosytem ii

What is the effect of coupling photosystem I from photosytem II on the reaction? If you were to develop chemical herbicides, what are some ways you could kill weeds by targing

Explain the process of chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation is responsible for many of the debilitating effects of auto-immune, and other, diseases. In pathogenic inflammatory diseases, high levels of immune syst

What factors limit prokaryote size

What factors limit prokaryote size, how do they limit size.Why do these factors not limit the environments in which they live?What makes them so adaptable to different environ

Discuss the role of macroinvertebrates in soil formation

Describe your local soil structure: is it a mollisol? Ultimisol? Be specific about its characteristics and discuss the role of macroinvertebrates in soil formation and cyclin


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