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Each answers 3 or 4 paragraphs

1. Explain how Apple's philosophy and organizational culture have impacted how it handles ethical decisions.

2. Why is Apple's industry so competitive and how could this affect the ethical risks in Apple's operations?

3. How do you think Apple has handled the various ethical issues that it has faced in the past?

Reference no: EM132280946

Enterprises to overcome on their potential loopholes

In order to bring economic efficiency within the operations of a company, it is important for the enterprises to overcome on their potential loopholes, which most of the tim

What is the companys current channel strategy

What is the companys current channel strategy - What is the reasoning behind this channel selection and how are the companys competitive position and brand loyalty related to

Bull-whip effect manifests and effect the supply chain

In supply chain, what are the main reasons for getting negative profits. Explain how bull-whip effect manifests and effect the supply chain? Discuss these points with suffic

Should the investory be happy calling the bond

Yield to Call: Five yrs ago, company A, issued 20 yrs bonds with a 12% annual coupon rate at their $1,000 par value. The bonds had 5 yrs of call protection and an 8% call prem

Contract for the construction

The Sharon Construction Corporation has been awarded a contract for the construction of a 20,000-seat stadium. The construction must start by February 15 and be com­pleted w

Possible areas of disagreement

You have prepared a marketing plan and will soon present it to the stakeholders in your organisation. What possible areas of disagreement the stakeholders may have with your

What is meant by treating patients justly

What is meant by treating patients justly versus promoting a just distribution? How does this relate to equitable access to all? Should access be equitable to all? Why or wh

Recruiting strategy

Your company, NL&C Corporation, has recently taken on a new, large client. That is great news for the organization and its future opportunity! You have just heard this news in


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