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Persuasive Essay Rough Draft

This essay explores the persuasive mode, one of the more common kinds of writing you'll experience throughout your college and professional career. Your goal is to persuade your audience to consider your position on a controversial subject. Understand, there is seldom a definitive right or wrong answer in anything. You should anticipate the real possibility that some of your readers will not initially agree with you on your stance. Part of this essay requires that you take opposing viewpoints into consideration when making your argument. By truthfully representing the strengths of your opponent's point of view, you show that you have considered more than one option when making your decision. This gives you more clout with your audience.


The rough draft of your essay should contain the following basic features:
•A well-defined issue that is controversial by nature
•A clear thesis statement that demonstrates the position you will be taking throughout the essay
•A treatment of at least three reputable sources, at least one drawn from the EBSCO database, and at least one of them supporting your claim.
•A counter argument with at least one credible source defending the opposing viewpoint
•A refutation to or compromise with the counter argument

If you have any difficulty finding sources in EBSCO, please contact the Grantham librarian at

In addition to the above, the rough draft of your essay should be:

•From 900 to 1200 words in length, typed in Times New Roman, 12pt. font, double-spaced, with one inch margins
•Written primarily in third person
•Edited for spelling, mechanical, grammatical, and typing errors.

Reference no: EM131174040

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