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You want to straighten out this matter, and you can't do it by telephone because you suspect that you will need a written record of this entire mess. Write a claim request to Customer Service, Country Inn, Inc., 428 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219. Should you include a copy of the credit statement showing the charge?

Case-  Persuasive Claim: Overcharged and Unhappy!

As regional manager for an electronics parts manufacturer, you and two other employees attended a conference in Nashville. You stayed at the Country Inn because your company recommends that employees use this hotel chain. Generally, your employees have liked their accommodations, and the rates have been within your company’s budget.

Now, however, you are unhappy with the charges you see on your company’s credit statement for Country Inn, When your department’s administrative assistant made the reservations, she was assured that you would receive the weekend rates, and that a hot breakfast – in the hotel restaurant, the Atrium – would be included in the rate. You hate those cold sweet rolls and instant coffee “continental” breakfasts, especially when you have to leave early and won’t get another meal until afternoon. So you and the other two employees went to the restaurant and ordered a hot meal form the menu.

When you received the credit statement, though, you see a charge for $114 for three champagne buffet breakfasts in the Atrium. You hit the ceiling! For one thing, you didn’t have a buffet breakfast and certainly no champagne. The three of you got there so early that no buffet had been set up. Your ordered pancakes a sausage, and for this you were billed $35 each. You are outraged! What’s worse, your company may charge you personally or exceeding the expected rates.

In looking back at this event, you remembered that other quests on your floor were having a “continental” breakfast in a lounge on your floor. Perhaps that’s where the hotel expected all guests on the weed-end rate to eat. However, your administrative assistant had specifically asked about this matter when she made the reservations, and she was told that you could order breakfast from the menu at the hotel’s restaurant.

Reference no: EM13142645

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